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So I've been busy creating my own designs for a range of merchandise.

Rather than create one t shirt design and get it bulk printed in multiple sizes and dragging them along to gigs, I've set up my own online shop. 

This is where you can get creative, you can choose your own product, be it a t shirt, cup, apron, cap, bag, hoodie etc. 

Then you can choose your own colour (I obviously went for orange) and if it's clothing select the right size to fit. You can then custom make your own product and personalise it as you wish. Unlike other merchandise out there I plan to keep it eye catching and not including pictures of me and all my gig dates. 

All my designs will feature my logo but in an understated way. I plan to produce a new design every few months so keep an eye out for my new design updates on all my social media platforms. 

To visit my online shop click the link below (Or scan the QR code) and get creative!!!!