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Radio sessions..................

I've featured a few times on Radio Kent, performing live and giving interviews regarding my gigs, musical projects and charity work. I took part in a quiz (Which I lost at ha ha) and one segment of the show I had to write a song around one of the letters of complaint they had received. It was a great experience!

I have performed at a few KMFM live events, including their very popular Christmas lights events and charity events.

I was invited on the show where I played 4 songs live, 2 cover versions and 2 original pieces with an on going interview running through the segment. It was lovely receiving messages from the public during the show (From people who regularly come to see me live and a few blasts from the past) hopefully I'll be returning soon!

After appearing live in the area many times I was invited on the the show as their featured artist to talk about the charity work I do. My single ' Been causing trouble' was played and I gave an interview about how I started out and they played my chosen influential track!